AppraiseRI Client Benefits

  • Locational Expertise
  • Electronic Report Delivery
  • Central Operations Center
  • CAD/Billing/Credit Cards
  • Local and Statewide Service
  • Errors & Omissions Policy
  • Appraiser/Appraisal Management
  • FHA & 203K Consultant Approved
  • On Line Appraisal Ordering System
  • Purchase Priority System
  • On Line Status Tracking System
  • New Construction Capabilities
  • E-Mail Status Notification System
  • Formal Appraisal Review System
  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • Lender Approvals
  • Consistent Reports
  • Appraisers Employees

Local Expertise: Clients can depend on local appraisal expert knowledge and expertise. The company provides the local experts with the training, expertise and resources to complete quality appraisal assignments.

Central Operations Center: Clients can expect an organized and structured central operations center to support the appraisal staff; including appraisal assignment management, data processing, formalized review system, email notification of status progress, electronic report delivery, billing and receivables management as well as appraisal consult with senior staff.

Local and Statewide Service: Whether a client services a local area, a market niche or the statewide market they can order assignments with us. Any appraisal assignment throughout RI & nearby MA will get real local expertise.

Appraiser/Appraisal Management: Internally, we assign appraisals to the local expert appraiser so we can deliver to our clients the highest quality of locational expertise available.

On Line Appraisal Ordering System: Clients have the option of ordering appraisal assignments with us on line, at our website, or if they prefer by fax.

Status Tracking: Statuses of appraisals can be reviewed on line using our state of the art technology web based tracking system. Clients can be trained to use the system and given a password to access all of the appraisal assignments they have ordered. Also, to check their statuses whenever and wherever they want and where Internet access is available.

E-mail notification: Clients can be notified via e-mail when the appraisal inspection date has been set up, confirmation that it has been inspected, when the raw data has been processed, when the draft report has been reviewed by the appraiser and supervisor, and when the client can expect to receive the completed assignment.

Quick Turn Around Time: Because we are local, clients can expect a quicker turn time. This might not normally be expected from a larger company. The combination of local experts in the field and centralized operations efficiently provides our clients with integrated service and good turn time.

Consistency: Because we centrally process raw data collected by the appraisers, clients can expect to see and feel the same kind of reports. Your underwriting staff will know where to look for specific data on all of our reports because they are all processed under tight quality control procedures and guidelines minimizing addenda requests.

Electronic Delivery: We can deliver the report to our clients electronically in PDF format and are experienced in the various electronic report delivery software programs such as Mercury and Appraisal Port.

CAD/Billing & Credit Cards: We can accommodate our clients billing requirements by collecting from your customer COD (Collect At Door), individual assignment billing, monthly statements or VISA/MASTERCARD.

Errors & Omissions: While the State of Rhode Island requires only $350,000 in E & O coverage we carry coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 per claim and $2,000,000 aggregate. We have never, ever been involved in any kind of suit or litigation regarding an appraisal since 1996 and have successfully completed more than 17,000 appraisal assignments to date.

FHA & 203K Approved: Many of our appraisers are FHA approved and we can accommodate FHA appraisal order requests anywhere in the State of RI and nearby MA. We also have on staff an appraiser that is a HUD 203K approved consultant, which is particularly helpful for internal consultation on cost to cure for FHA repair.

Purchase Priority System: For those clients that deal in purchases we have a priority system in place that accelerates the appraisal process through all stages of the appraisal from assignment thru delivery, to turn the report around as quick as possible.

New Construction Appraisals: We offer extensive experience in appraising new residential construction and remodeling projects from plans and specs, and providing progress inspection reports.

Formal Appraisal Review System: We have standardized the review system. Each step of the appraisal process incorporates a review component and a formal procedure is followed. Every appraisal assignment is also reviewed by the supervisory appraiser and an internal software review checking specifically for Fannie Mae & Freddie appraisal guidelines.

Lender Approval: If you're a broker and/or resell your loan to wholesale lenders you'll be glad to know that we are approved by just about ALL the major wholesale lenders in the area and country. We are also approved with many of the B&C lenders nationwide.

Employee Appraisers: All of our appraisers are employees of our companies and not independent fee appraisers. We mandate and require a consistency in our appraisal assignments that we can only achieve with employees. This also means the appraisers are available to our clients when times get busy and aren't splitting their time or priorities. You are the priority!

Rush Squad Team: We offer our clients the ability to receive an appraisal assignment in record time for that occasion when you... absolutely... positively must have it by yesterday! We have a system and team in place that can get the job done and accommodate your request. The fee is generally more...but the service is worth it!